Pretty much why Brutal Honesty doesn’t have many friends. And There are times we have to let go of certain people, not because we don’t care, but because they don’t.

now im almost in tears because of how just… accurate this is….


I’ve gone through so many many moments in my life with people just like this and I know exactly what this feels like.

There comes a time when you need to let go - I’ve dealt with people that I’ve invested so much time and effort trying to help them build a sense of motivation and simply want to go somewhere in life, but nothing. I’ve had to call them out and basically distance myself from them because their funk was doing nothing but bringing myself and others down. Maybe my ideas were just never working, maybe this was the real them all along and I never got that…

All I know is what this comic says: that people can only truly help themselves. Even the most empathetic person in the world can’t help someone if they simply don’t want to be helped. They’re unhappy, they clearly need help, but there is no improvement from them at all. They’re still just this bitter person, who is upset and angry. What’s worse is when they start snapping at you and blaming you for their problems because all your ideas maybe weren’t working. There comes a point to help, and a point to back away and let them live how they choose, good or bad.

It’s wrong to bring yourself down like that because you’ve done everything you could to help them and they still haven’t changed. There comes point where you’ve run out of advice or things to say. You have a life to live - it’s fine to want to be a good friend, but there comes a point where you’re investing too much time into their story and you’re letting it get to you down. Recognize that and back away.

It’s not pretty, and I only resort to Brutal Honesty when I have too, but it’s essential, especially with people who lack motivation. Some people need a strong talking-to to get them to wake the hell up, and even then it’s not enough some times.

The point is, remember that you have a life to live. You can’t shoulder someone else’s problems or live their own life form them. It’s fine to want to help someone, but sometimes the best solution, for your sake and theirs, is to just let them go. It’s not pretty, but it’s sometimes the only you really can do.

This is definitely important. Hopefully, those people will come round and everyone can be happier.

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months later i finally slapped a background on this thing

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Voice Actors and Actresses from Avatar The Last Airbender who came back with new characters in The Legend of Korra.

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Transparent SNK Haru!!!


Transparent SNK Haru!!!

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*sigh* Kids Chicks are so needy! :P

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Determining Authentic Native American Indian-made Arts & Crafts

Now that even more knockoffs of Native crafts are being sold its important for people to be informed consumers.

There are laws to protect Native American artists. Make sure your purchases support them.

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s y m b o l i s m;
makoto sparking haru's light

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but it’s too late now.


but it’s too late now.

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I made this edit in a fiery passion at the end of Book Two— Let’s hope Bolin and Eska will be able to rekindle their love into a “big fire of love flames”. ;)  Either way I know ‘Nuktuk’ will always be the hero of Eska’s heart! (loud tears)
The original artwork can be found at Bryan Konietzko’s blog at this link!

As awesome as this is—and it IS awesome—now that I’ve seen it I would love to see this redone again with Eska holding Bolin.

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I swear - Kai channels Aang so much, it makes me nostalgic. Especially in this latest episode - his cheekiness, his protectiveness about the bison, his short attention span, his amazing ability to airbend.


Can’t you just see it?

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Why are you here? Come to laugh at my pathetic loss? The world is laughing at me. That’s all I’m good for, anyway.

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